Student Policies
Uniform Policy (2015)
'What to do if...'
Participation in Sport, and Mobile Phones

DMSC Complaints Policy - added 4th September 2017
DET Parents Complaints Policy - added 4th September 2017
Accidents and incidents reporting policy
Anaphylaxis Mangement Policy
Asthma policy
Bullying & Harassment Policy
Bus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy
Bus conduct
Bus Payments Policy
Bus Safety Policy
Camps and Excursions policy
Camps and Excursions Refund Policy
Care Arrangements for Ill students
Child Protection Reporting Policy
Child Safety Code of Conduct
Child Safety Policy
Communication procedures and schedule
Complaints Policy
Computer and Internet Policy
Critical Incident Response and Recovery Policy
Curriculum Framework Policy
Curriculum Structure Policy
Cybersafety Policy
Deb Ball Policy
Duty of Care Policy
Exam Policy - Years 9-12
First Aid Policy
Fraud and Corruption Policy
Gifts Benefits and Hospitality
Hat policy
Hire Agreement - HFC
Hire Policy - DMSC Hall
Hire Policy - Stadium
Individual Learning Policy
Internet banking policy
Medication Management Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Onsite supervision policy
Parent Payment policy
Philosophy policy
Privacy Policy
Registered Bus Service Policy
Satellite VCAL Policy
Staff Registers Policy
Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy - 2016


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