Honour Rolls

Our Memorial Building is home to a number of granite tablets that record the names of those from our district who served and gave their lives in the various wars throughout our nation's history.

The Great War 1914 - 1918 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Anderson A D'Alton E Johnson W Wall C F
Argall F Ey R Laycock R Walker A
Arthur G Elliott W E R Law H Ward H
Arthur J Ellis W G Lambert A Ward J
Baensch H Foley T Martindale G G Waters E H
Barber H H Gooding H Merlin W S White L
Barber A Gooding W T McKenzie R G Wooding L
Byrne D Hawke G M Mouland A J Wright S J K
Cambridge D Hirth A S Peoples J Wilson S
Charters A Hook J Ross H C Williams H J
Clements H C Hooper H Scholz R Williams A S
Collins C Ilton J C Schulze H Williamson J
Dalitz C W Ingleton C H Telfer J R Rauert S
D'Alton H St E Johnson J S Taylor E G  

The Great War 1914 - 1918 - Roll Of Honor - Returned from Service

Anderson E Eastwood G A Main H Ross R A
Anderson G Elliott A G Mason W J Ross J W
Anderson J Fechner J E Maurer A J Ross K C
Armstrong J Fechner A J Meek W Sallmann M C
Armstrong W Fidock A T Meyer E Scarborough W
Argall A W Foley P Missen A J Scholz R
Bach A J Fortington H Munro E Shalders A
Baddack A Foster A McConnon E Sims A
Ball H Fraser W McDonald W H Smith P C
Barmby S Geary J McDonald H G Smith R
Barmby T Girard L McKenzie J A Speed S
Barmby W H Gleeson T M McKenzie W H Spicer H
Bartlett W Graske E McKinnon A Sugg H
Bartlett J M Greay A McKinnon J Taylor A H
Baldwin T Grey S L McIntyre Sis. D F Taylor C W
Birch A Gull R S McIntyre Sis. A E Taylor L D
Bolt V Haby H McIntyre J A P Taylor A J C
Bond W H Harbourd N V H McIntyre H W P Taylor C W
Brewer V Harbourd C S McIntyre R G C Taylor B C L
Brown W Harbourd L W McLennan Sis. T Telfer A L
Brown H Haines S J McLennan A Telfer O
Brown L Haines N McLennan O Telfer R
Bushby J Harmer A McLennan C J Thomas A E
Byrne J G Harmer E McLennan G B B Thomas J C
Capp A R Harmer H F McLennan J W Thomas W J
Chidzey E C Hawke J McLennan D Thomson W J
Christensen J Hayter F McLennan B Thomson J A
Christensen F Hayter H E R McRae F Townsend C
Clarke G R Hirth L C Nalder H Unstead L V
Clarke W B Hutchinson G C Naylor D W Unstead H
Clark B Hutchinson L R Nagle J Wall G Junior
Clark A Hutchinson R Ovey D Wall E
Clark T Hoffmann O Parker L Walker C
Clements T G Holwell L C Parker P Wagstaff A
Coates O Hunter A E Parker A J Walsgott R
Collins A Hynes J Pearce J D Watchorn F R
Collard C W Ingleton W J Penny L H Waters T
Cook J T Ingleton E Peoples J Waters T P
Cook S P Jordan J Perry J White A E
Cook A E Jordan W Phillips E White A H
Cornell W J Jordan T Pilmore G N White J
Cromb C Keam W Pleass E White W
Daggett W Kenyon W J Polhner A Wiederman Sis. O
Dahlenburg R Kenyon C G Polhner M C W Williams C E
Dalitz H C Kenyon T W Polhner S Williams P E
Dalitz E O Kenyon W S Prictor C Wills L E
Dalitz A C Kuhne A G + Rauert P Wills N G
Dalitz F W Larkin F Rowett E Wilson A
Davidson J D Laycock Sis. Robinson W Wilson H
Dowling G Laycock W Robinson T Woods E
Douglas R Lehmann E W Robinson Sis. Wooding W
Earey G Martindale P Rose E Youens W
Fisher A      
Note - A G Kuhne, listed as returned, was killed in action.

World War II 1939 - 1945 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Albrecht C H King J T
Andrews R E McEachran H H
Ansell J Norton R L
Argall E A Peoples J T
Avery C R Petschel A C
Baker N K Petschel V E
Baker V C Robinson E R
Barber L P Seater H J
Clark N Spencer L K
Cornell L G Schuller K B
Gooding H A Thomas W D
Hately L B Warner A K
Jordan F H Warner E
Kofoed R C Westendorf A K
Paschke O D A.A.N.S.
Seipolt M E

Korea 1950 - 1953 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Codling A S E


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