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The front wall of our Memorial Building is home to granite tablets that are etched with the names of those who served in World War I, and those who did not return from World War II and the Korean War.

The World War I tablets were built into the wall when the building was erected in the 1920s. The Dimboola Chronicle wrote in their article on the opening of the Memorial Building and unveiling of the tablets in December 1924:

There were nearly 300 names on the memorial tablets... Those names had been cut in imperishable granite... Being a memorial school those names would stand for all times, and by and by children would be acquiring what those names meant.

- Dimboola Chronicle, 4th December 1924

The World War II tablet was unveiled in 1955 and was acompanied by another tablet, reading:

"Come gather here and be humble, for in this presence they are remembered."

Interestingly, these two tablets were originally placed on the pillars on each side of the central steps at the front of the building, as seen in a 1960 class photo below.

1960 Prefects Photo

They were later relocated, when doors each side of the World War I tablets were filled in with brickwork.

It appears that A.S.E. Codling, who served in Korea and was killed in action in November 1952, was not added to the honour roll until at least the late 1960s. A photo from 1966 does not show his name, nor does it show Seipolt M.E. who is now listed on the WWII section.


Transcriptions of the Honour Rolls are available to view on a tablet or computer device. Unfortunately they are too large to read on a phone screen.

If you are currently on a phone, you may try rotating your device to landscape mode. If your screen's big enough, the tables will appear.


The Great War 1914 - 1918 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Anderson A D'Alton E Johnson W Wall C F
Argall F Ey R Laycock R Walker A
Arthur G Elliott W E R Law H Ward H
Arthur J Ellis W G Lambert A Ward J
Baensch H Foley T Martindale G G Waters E H
Barber H H Gooding H Merlin W S White L
Barber A Gooding W T McKenzie R G Wooding L
Byrne D Hawke G M Mouland A J Wright S J K
Cambridge D Hirth A S Peoples J Wilson S
Charters A Hook J Ross H C Williams H J
Clements H C Hooper H Scholz R Williams A S
Collins C Ilton J C Schulze H Williamson J
Dalitz C W Ingleton C H Telfer J R Rauert S
D'Alton H St E Johnson J S Taylor E G  

The Great War 1914 - 1918 - Roll Of Honor - Returned from Service

Anderson E Eastwood G A Main H Ross R A
Anderson G Elliott A G Mason W J Ross J W
Anderson J Fechner J E Maurer A J Ross K C
Armstrong J Fechner A J Meek W Sallmann M C
Armstrong W Fidock A T Meyer E Scarborough W
Argall A W Foley P Missen A J Scholz R
Bach A J Fortington H Munro E Shalders A
Baddack A Foster A McConnon E Sims A
Ball H Fraser W McDonald W H Smith P C
Barmby S Geary J McDonald H G Smith R
Barmby T Girard L McKenzie J A Speed S
Barmby W H Gleeson T M McKenzie W H Spicer H
Bartlett W Graske E McKinnon A Sugg H
Bartlett J M Greay A McKinnon J Taylor A H
Baldwin T Grey S L McIntyre Sis. D F Taylor C W
Birch A Gull R S McIntyre Sis. A E Taylor L D
Bolt V Haby H McIntyre J A P Taylor A J C
Bond W H Harbourd N V H McIntyre H W P Taylor C W
Brewer V Harbourd C S McIntyre R G C Taylor B C L
Brown W Harbourd L W McLennan Sis. T Telfer A L
Brown H Haines S J McLennan A Telfer O
Brown L Haines N McLennan O Telfer R
Bushby J Harmer A McLennan C J Thomas A E
Byrne J G Harmer E McLennan G B B Thomas J C
Capp A R Harmer H F McLennan J W Thomas W J
Chidzey E C Hawke J McLennan D Thomson W J
Christensen J Hayter F McLennan B Thomson J A
Christensen F Hayter H E R McRae F Townsend C
Clarke G R Hirth L C Nalder H Unstead L V
Clarke W B Hutchinson G C Naylor D W Unstead H
Clark B Hutchinson L R Nagle J Wall G Junior
Clark A Hutchinson R Ovey D Wall E
Clark T Hoffmann O Parker L Walker C
Clements T G Holwell L C Parker P Wagstaff A
Coates O Hunter A E Parker A J Walsgott R
Collins A Hynes J Pearce J D Watchorn F R
Collard C W Ingleton W J Penny L H Waters T
Cook J T Ingleton E Peoples J Waters T P
Cook S P Jordan J Perry J White A E
Cook A E Jordan W Phillips E White A H
Cornell W J Jordan T Pilmore G N White J
Cromb C Keam W Pleass E White W
Daggett W Kenyon W J Polhner A Wiederman Sis. O
Dahlenburg R Kenyon C G Polhner M C W Williams C E
Dalitz H C Kenyon T W Polhner S Williams P E
Dalitz E O Kenyon W S Prictor C Wills L E
Dalitz A C Kuhne A G + Rauert P Wills N G
Dalitz F W Larkin F Rowett E Wilson A
Davidson J D Laycock Sis. Robinson W Wilson H
Dowling G Laycock W Robinson T Woods E
Douglas R Lehmann E W Robinson Sis. Wooding W
Earey G Martindale P Rose E Youens W
Fisher A      
Note - A G Kuhne, listed as returned, was killed in action.

World War II 1939 - 1945 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Albrecht C H King J T
Andrews R E McEachran H H
Ansell J Norton R L
Argall E A Peoples J T
Avery C R Petschel A C
Baker N K Petschel V E
Baker V C Robinson E R
Barber L P Seater H J
Clark N Spencer L K
Cornell L G Schuller K B
Gooding H A Thomas W D
Hately L B Warner A K
Jordan F H Warner E
Kofoed R C Westendorf A K
Paschke O D A.A.N.S.
Seipolt M E

Korea 1950 - 1953 - Roll Of Honor - In Memoriam

Codling A S E

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