History - The School Badge
Dimboola Soldiers Memorial Higher Elementary School
1924 to 1945
Dimboola Memorial High School
1945 to 1986
Dimboola Memorial Secondary College
1987 to present

The original badge of red, peacock blue and gold was unobtainable during World War Two and a new badge was needed to change Higher Elementary School to Memorial High School. Many designs were submitted and it was decided to delete the motto Facta Non Verba - as making the badge too bulky, and a sword was incorporated instead.

This sword was a Crusader's double handed sword, reversed and was placed in the centre of the design. The Crusader of old used the sword with all his might, with both hands, in defence of the fight, and in attacking the forces of evil, as he saw it.

But the sword is reverse, as was the Crusader's when he came to lean on it in sorrow as fallen comrades were laid to rest. And in this position the sword with its cross piece forms a cross. The sword is on a red background that colour of sacrifice so fully revealed by the names on the granite at the front of the school.

At the lower centre of the badge there is a ripe ear of wheat, the fruit of the careful cultivation and hopeful sowing which had first to be done. We must all cultivate the seeds of honour, loyalty, service to others and courage, as well as those of learning, so that they will come to abundant harvest. So shall we earn the emblem which surrounds the badge - the victor's laurel wreath. The initial D.M.H.S. were also added.

Mr T D Stewart, an art teacher at the school, was responsible for the completed design of the new badge.

The badge was updated when the school became a secondary college, with the initials DMSC replacing DMHS. and the background becoming white, but the red being retained on the blade of the sword.

History - Timeline
1921 After a series of public meetings over the previous two years, the Dimboola R.S.L. and public agree that the town's War memorial should take the form of a Higher Elementary School.
The school is proclaimed in July 1921.
1922 Meetings were held to discuss a site for the new a school.
1924 Teachers and pupils moved in to new school in May and it was officially opened on December 2nd.
1937 The front oval graded and levelled.
1942 The first bus route from Jeparit was commenced.
1945 The school was raised to the status of a second class High School.
The School Advisory Council was first formed
1946 School buses were running from Kiata and Jeparit and the new Antwerp bus route was run for the first time.
Hilltop News first published.
1947 New bus routes servicing Pimpinio and Dimboola East established.
The drive around the front oval established.
On December 10th official permission was received to change the school name to Dimboola Memorial High School.
1948 Quadrangle asphalted.
1949 Unveiling of Matron Paschke sundial memorial on May 1st by Colonel W S Kent-Hughes. New Memorial Avenue of trees planted around the front drive.
1950 Student Representative Council established.
1953 Wrought iron gates erected at the main entrance from Ellerman Street.
1954 New tennis and basketball courts constructed.
1955 Official opening of entrance gates by Colonel Leggatt, Minister of Education.
World War Two memorial tables unveiled.
1958 A second bus from Jeparit commenced.
Domestic and Manual Arts buildings opened by Mr J Bloomfield, Minister for Education
1962 Canteen begins operating.
1963 Official opening of canteen.
1964 Construction of four new basketball and tennis courts
1966 Westerfield Motors provided the school with a new Holden car for the student driving program as only the second school in the state to be provided with one under this scheme.
1967 The Dimboola community Library which incorporated the school library was opened by Cr Eric Avery.
A seedling from the Lone Pine battlefield of World War One was planted in front of the school on ANZAC Day.
1968 The school was granted permission to conduct internal Leaving exams.
Principal's residence build
Two German guns captured by Australian troops in World War One and donated to the Dimboola R.S.L. by Mr L H Smith were placed at the main entrance to the school.
1969 Swimming sports were held at the new town pool instead of the river.
1971 The new Assembly Hall was opened and the library moved to the old assembly hall in the original Memorial building.
1974 The fiftieth Jubilee of the school was celebrated.
The front drive and the area around the Assembly Hall sealed.
New hockey field constructed
Science block built
1977 School Council replaced the School Advisory Council.
1981 Official opening of the new Administration block, canteen and dining room and library by Mr Alan Hunt, Minister for Education.
1987 The school bacame a Secondary College.
2012 Official opening of the new Science and Language Centre and the Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre with synthetic hockey pitch/tennis courts.
2014 Opening of new commercial kitchen and Hospitality Centre in the old canteen and dining room adjoining the Assembly Hall by Suzanne Thomas, Jeannette Walsgott and Mandy Pitt.


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