Dimboola Memorial Secondary College accepts enrolments in all years from 7 to 12. Students come from Jeparit, Katyil, Pimpinio, Horsham and Kiata districts, and these are each serviced by daily bus routes.

The College operates two mini-buses from Horsham daily, to allow Horsham students to easily access our school. We oversee the bus routes from Jeparit, Kaytil, Pimpinio and Kiata, which are also open to primary students attending the two primary schools in Dimboola.

For enrolment information or to arrange a tour of our College, please contact the general office.


post PO Box 40 | Dimboola | Victoria, 3414
phone 03 5389 1460
facsimilie 03 5389 1981
email dimboola.memorial.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au
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