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Principal's Report - Tuesday 12th July 2016

I hope all students and their families were able to enjoy some “school-free” time over the holiday period. The weather was mixed, but it was nice to not have to jump when the school bell rings! Thank you to the Year 12 students and teachers who ran and attended extra classes during the break. I have received some very positive feedback from all involved and we will be running similar sessions in the next holiday period, as the Year 12 exams approach.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Interviews will take place on Monday August 1 – from 3.45pm to 6.30pm. Appointments are not necessary and the interviews will take place in the Science and Language Centre. I hope that all families are able to send someone to these meetings as they provide a great opportunity to hear firsthand about how your son or daughter is progressing.

School Review
We now have our official dates for the DMSC Peer Review. It will take place on September 14-15, however the bulk of the evaluation is done prior to the actual panel days. After we have completed our Review, we will develop a new Strategic Plan to take DMSC into the next four years. This is a rigorous and worthwhile process and one that enables us as a school to closely examine our strengths and weaknesses.

At this morning’s assembly, 10 students were presented with 100% Attendance Awards. While I commend these students on their excellent attendance, I would like to see far greater numbers of students coming to school, each and every day. Students who regularly miss a day of school, often fall behind in their work and can become socially disconnected from their peers. Please encourage your son or daughter to attend school every day – with the only exception being an absence due to illness.

Mrs Anne Gawith