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Principal's Report - Tuesday 7th June 2016

Child Safety Standards
In response to the report on the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non Government Organisations, released in May 2014, the government published The Betrayal of Trust report in November 2014. Within this report were a raft of recommendations – many of which we are now implementing here at DMSC via the new Child Safety Standards. These new requirements come into effect on August 1 2016, however many of the processes and protocols to keep all children safe, are operating here now and have been for many years. At the heart of the recommendations and also a view firmly held by us here at DMSC, is a zero tolerance of child abuse. We will continue to build on our good practices and implement further measures which are designed to protect all children from abuse.

On the masthead of our newsletter, we now have the statement, “DMSC is a child safe school”. This statement shows our commitment to the new Child Safety Standards and you will see it more and more on our policies, notices and in other areas of our school’s practice. Attached to today’s newsletter is a parent information sheet regarding the Child Safety Standards (availble online by clicking here. Please read this document and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

General Achievement Test (GAT)
Today, all students who are studying a Unit 3-4 subject sat the GAT. This test is designed to assess a range of skills across the areas of English, Humanities, Maths, Science and the Arts. Our students approached the task well and worked for the three hours of the test.

Exams started yesterday and the Hall was a sea of studious students! Well done to all of our students in Years 9-12 who worked quietly and remained on task throughout. The exams conclude on Thursday this week.

Greater Western Cross Country
Yesterday we had 13 DMSC students battling cold and blustery conditions on the Warrnambool Cross Country course. Departing at 7.30am and returning at 5.30pm, it was a long day, but Mr Werner spoke very highly of how our students conducted themselves. Thank you to Mr Luke Werner for driving the bus and also to parents, Mick and Lisa Polycarpou and Jenny Haebich who also accompanied our students.

100 Years of the RSL
Yesterday, the Return Services League celebrated their 100th birthday. It is timely for us to acknowledge the outstanding work the RSL does, not only in our community, but in towns and cities across Australia. DMSC is a special school, in that we are the town’s official war memorial. We have strong links with our local RSL and we value our ongoing relationship with this organisation.

REMINDER - Curriculum Day – Pupil Free Day
Friday June 10 will be a pupil free day. Teachers will be correcting exams and end of semester assessments and preparing reports for distribution in the last week of term. Teachers will also use this time to reflect on the learning outcomes achieved by students and evaluate the units that have been taught. Please note that Monday June 13 is also the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Mrs Anne Gawith