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Principal's Report - Tuesday 17th May 2016

Year 7 Information Evening
Thank you to the many parents and children who attended our information session last Wednesday evening. We were delighted with the numbers and are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7s to the school for a series of transition days. If you were unable to attend last week, please contact our Transition Coordinator, Miss Marcy Britten if you have any questions.

Little Dessert Cross Country
Today we sent approximately 45 students to compete at the next level of cross country in Kaniva. At the time of going to press the results were not in, however we know that DMSC students will have achieved some great results.

Student Attitudes to School Survey
Over the past two weeks, all students have completed the Department of Education’s student survey, designed to gather feedback on an array of areas involving their schooling. Questions are asked about the learning environment, the classwork, their teachers, the general “feel” of the school and how well they are connected with both their school and their peers. While the official results will not be available until July, some preliminary analysis reveals that our school is viewed by the students as being a very safe school. This is most heartening to see as “student safety” is a key area of the survey and if students feel that school is a positive and safe place, then they can learn.

Building Update

Progress is being made with the small building projects currently underway.

The I.T. office is ready for Tim to move back in – it has been re-levelled, had the old baseboards replaced, new carpet laid and a fresh coat of paint. The Woodwork building has been re-stumped in parts and we have taken this opportunity to rework the internal layout of the building. New equipment was purchased last year and it can now be installed. The exterior of this building has also been painted. It is hoped that classes can move back into that wing in a week or two.

Exams and Revision
In three weeks, all students in Years 9-12 will be sitting mid-year exams. While some may find exams stressful, there are ways to minimise the anxiety and strategies that can be implemented to assist students to successfully navigate this assessment period. Teachers will be working with their classes over the next three weeks on revision techniques and outlining what areas of study will be assessed in the exams. Students will be given a copy of the exam timetable at the end of the week which will assist them in planning their revision. Please contact your child’s teacher should you have any queries about the exams.

Even if a student doesn’t think they will opt for the VCE stream or attend university, being able to recall information and demonstrate keys skills and knowledge under test conditions, is vital. A great example is getting one’s licence. Both the written and driving tests occur under “exam-like” conditions and students benefit from the experience of being assessed this way.

SMART Sessions
Remember that our SMART Sessions are continuing after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Many students are taking advantage of this free program and I envisage that many more will in the lead up to exams. Please encourage your son or daughter to attend at least once a week – they will receive support from teaching staff and will be able to keep on top of their homework, catch-up on any missed work, or simply just get ahead!

Mrs Anne Gawith