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Principal's Report - Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Welcome to the last week of Term One! While it has only been in essence an eight-week term, it has been very busy indeed. Thank you to the students, staff and families for their efforts throughout the term and I wish everyone a Happy Easter and a well-deserved break. Students will be dismissed from school at 2.30pm on Thursday and Term Two commences on Monday April 11.

Athletic Standards

After a long hot summer, the weather turned cold, wet and windy last Friday and we were forced to postpone our Athletic Standards. We will now be combining our standards with the scheduled Athletic Sports, due to occur on Tuesday April 19. Students will still have the opportunity to win events and individual Age Champions will be awarded. Some events, like the 400m and Relays, will be conducted during lunchtimes during the first two weeks of next term. Please contact our Sport Coordinator, Mr Jackson O’Neill, should you have any questions regarding the new arrangements.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Last night I was delighted to see so many parents and carers at Parent Teacher Interviews. These events provide parents, students and teachers with an opportunity to talk through progress and identify any areas that may require extra attention. If you were unable to attend last night, please contact the relevant teachers to make an appointment at a mutually suitable time, or conduct the interview over the phone. Thank you to the many parents who completed our very short questionnaire whilst at the interviews last night. Your feedback will form a crucial part of our analysis of our school’s performance when we undertake our School Review later in the year. If you didn’t complete our very short survey, please fill one in at the General Office when next you pop into school. Your feedback enables us to reflect on our past, and plan for the future.

School Council AGM
Last night was the DMSC School Council Annual General Meeting. All councillors were in attendance and four nominations were received and accepted. Parent representatives, Teresa Smith, Mandy Withers and Neil Zippel were re-elected for a further two years and DET representative, Sally Klinge also renominated for two years. Student representatives, Zoe Pilmore and Jordan Schwarz will continue for another year as well. I would like to formally thank all DMSC School Councillors for their continued commitment to improving our school.

The executive were elected for the 2016 year and they are as follows:

President - Mr Robin Kuhne
Vice President - Mrs Mandy Withers
Secretary - Mr Neil Zippel
Treasurer - Mrs Sally Klinge

All councillors names appear on the top of each newsletter, please contact any member of the council should you have an issue you would like to raise or a question you may have.

Deb Ball

This Thursday evening sees the culmination of eight weeks hard work! Thirteen DMSC Debutantes and their partners will be presented to the school community and I am sure that they will all do themselves, their families and their school very proud. I had a “sneak peek” at Deb rehearsal last Friday and what struck me the most, were the huge smiles that adorned the face of every student. It was also wonderful to see a team of parents helping and supporting the students. The Hall looks amazing and I am looking forward to a wonderful night on Thursday. Please see photos of the couples later in the newsletter. Thank you to Kellie Schwarz and Kylie Kuhne who coordinated the event this year, they have spent considerable hours ensuring that everything is ready for the Ball. In Term Two, we will be looking towards next year and will be seeking expressions of interest from any staff/parents who may wish to take on a coordinating role.

Academic and Values Awards

At yesterday’s General Assembly, the first round of Academic and Values Awards were presented for 2016. As you will observe in the lists below, there were significant numbers of students nominated which is wonderful to see. Well done to the following students who received awards and particular congratulations to the Year 7s who were receiving DMSC awards for the first time.

Mrs Anne Gawith