Anzac Centenary

Dimboola Memorial Secondary College will proudly commemorate the centenary of the First World War during this centenary period.

Our school is unique as the only memorial school in Victoria erected to commemorate the sacrifice made by our local residents who fought in the War.

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2018 Anzac Day Commemorations

School Service – April 24

Last week, all students and staff from the three Dimboola schools, attended an Anzac commemorative service in the DMSC Hall. It was wonderful to see our Hall quite full and all students were very respectful throughout the service. The official party comprised of the three school Principals, Mrs Anne Gawith – DMSC, Mr Greg Sampson – DPS and Mr Tim Reimann – St Peter’s Lutheran School and the six School Captains. Danni Haebich and Tristan Rayes from DMSC, Alyssa Petschel and Ava Clark from DPS and Peter Wright and Jaidyn McNee from St Peter’s. All six captains spoke at the service and their addresses are published later in the newsletter. Click here to download a PDF of this newsletter.

This year, we acknowledged the service and sacrifice of the millions of animals who perished in WW1. All present, pinned a purple poppy around the silhouette of a horse as a gesture of remembrance and respect.

Local bandsman, Mr Ian Lehmann, again volunteered his time to be our bugler, playing the Last Post and the Reveille at the conclusion of a minute’s silence, a very moving part of the service.

Every year, I am immensely proud of our students and how well they conduct themselves during the Anzac school service. I believe that our students have a good understanding of Australia’s war history and they also understand that being a memorial school, we have an extra responsibility to ensure that the sacrifices of those who served are never forgotten.

Anzac Services – April 25

A calm, cool morning greeted the estimated 200 people who attended the Dawn Service on Anzac Day. The haunting sound of the bagpipes rang out right on 6.00am, with Horsham piper, James Henwood again offering his services for the occasion. The guest speaker was local war historian, Mr Charles Rees, and once again, Charles showed us what a tireless and thorough researcher he is; I always learn something new from his presentations. It was very pleasing to see so many of our DMSC students in attendance at this ceremony, it really does show that the Anzac Spirit is alive and well in our Dimboola community.

Breakfast was served at 6.20am, and at least 100 people remained at DMSC to enjoy a bacon and egg sandwich. Thank you to: Helen and John Pollack, Gordon, James and Sally Klinge, Peter Gawith and Julie Nooteboom, who all assisted with the provision of breakfast.

The second Anzac service commenced at 8.30am, with many people assembled at the Memorial Gates for the march. A wreath laying ceremony then took place at the Memorial Building, with DMSC Captains, Danni Haebich and Tristan Rayes, laying a wreath on behalf of our school community. Both Danni and Tristan joined the official party for the main service in the Hall, and together they read a speech about the significance of the purple poppy, continuing the theme from our DMSC school service on April 24.

I would like to acknowledge the work that our local Dimboola RSL does in support of returned service men and women and formally thank them for their ongoing “partnership” with our school.

Mrs Anne Gawith, Principal
Hilltop News - Tuesday 1st May 2018

2017 Anzac Day Commemorations

This week we have commemorated Anzac Day at three separate services. On Monday, the three Dimboola schools joined together to collectively remember and pay respect to the many Australian men and women who have served their country – and particularly, to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The school service commenced at 2.30pm and the School Captains from each of the schools, all spoke at the assembly.

DMSC Captain, Remi Kuhne spoke about Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, fellow Captain, Kynan Clarke spoke about local indigenous returned serviceman, Lester Marks Harradine, the Dimboola Primary School Captains, Brook Ward and Isaac Wren read the poem, “In Flanders Field” and St Peter’s Lutheran Primary School Captains, Olivia Reimann and Adelle Bourke-Finn, read The Anzac Ode. The captains were joined on stage by Rebekah Albrecht, who has recently returned from a trip to Darwin and Singapore, her prize for winning a Spirit of Anzac study tour competition.

Remi, Kynan and Rebekah’s speeches are published later in the newsletter. Click here to download a PDF of this newsletter.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the students from the three schools for their excellent behaviour throughout the service, for their willingness to participate in our “Poppy Ceremony” and the genuine respect that they showed for the occasion. Thank you also to DPS Principal, Mr Greg Sampson and Mr Tim Reimann, Principal of St Peter’s Lutheran School, for their support of the service. The staff from our three schools must also be commended for their commitment to this most solemn event.

It was also wonderful to see many parents and friends of the school in the assembled crowd. These guests were able to join with our students and staff to place a poppy on the “Lest We Forget” board.

At 6.00am on Tuesday morning, our memorial school hosted the Anzac Day Dawn Service. A damp, but mild morning greeted the seventy or so participants and the service commenced with some haunting notes from lone bagpiper, James Henwood, from Horsham. This very moving start to the service was followed by an address from local WW1 historian and RSL member, Mr Charles Rees. Charles spoke of the torrid conditions that many of the soldiers faced on the battlefields of France, or in the deserts of North Africa. He reflected on some of the key battles of 1917 and lamented that our world still faces unrest and conflict. It was wonderful to see many of our students at the Dawn Service, showing their respect for those who have served and I would also like to thank the volunteers who prepared a cooked breakfast for those who attended the Dawn Service.

The main Anzac Service commenced at 8.30am with a march from the school’s Memorial Gates. The wreath laying ceremony followed, with School Captains, Remi Kuhne and Kynan Clarke laying a wreath on behalf of the DMSC school community.

Following the wreath laying ceremony, the assembled crowd moved to the DMSC Hall for the traditional Anzac Service. RSL President, Mr Ivan Jones welcomed everyone and the combined Nhill and Dimboola Brass Band provided the music for the service. Our School Captains participated by sharing the reading of the Anzac Requiem. Guest speaker, Mr Harry Johns, shared many anecdotes relating to music and its role in our lives, including the lives of those who are away at war. Starting when he was eight – in memory of his father who died in the war, Harry has played the bugle at an Anzac Service for 79 years. He is hoping that health permitting, he will be able to play again next year and therefore achieve 80 years of service to a most worthy cause. Thank you to our local bugler, Mr Ian Lehmann, who played The Last Post and the Reveille at the three Dimboola services, including our school service on Monday afternoon. The sound of the lone bugle playing The Last Post is, as Mr Johns commented, one of the most moving pieces of music ever written or played.

Every year on April 25, I am honoured to be Principal of a Memorial School. Every year, we continue to teach our students about the significance of the day and encourage them to participate in one or more of our services. And every year, I am incredibly proud of how our students treat the solemn occasion with the respect and dignity that it deserves.

Lest We Forget.

Mrs Anne Gawith, Principal
Hilltop News - Wednesday 26th April 2017

2016 Anzac Day Commemorations

This year, marks 100 years since ANZAC Day was officially recognised as a day of commemoration. Our school will be holding a special service at 2.50pm on Friday 22nd April, in the Assembly Hall. All students and staff will place a red poppy, which has been crocheted by several VCAL students under the guidance of Mrs Jan Ballard and Mrs Suzanne Thomas, onto a 100 plaque, made by Tait McMartin as part of his VCAL project.

On Monday 25th April, there will be two ANZAC Day services held at DMSC. The first will be at 6am at the front of the Memorial Building.

This will be followed by a breakfast at 6.30am in front of the Assembly Hall. The second service will begin at 8.30am with a wreath laying ceremony, followed by a service in the Assembly Hall at 9am.

For the first time in many years, students from all three Dimboola schools who attend this service will march from the front gates of the school up to the car park near the Assembly Hall, where they will join the RSL members and other community groups to march towards the front of the Memorial Building.

Students wishing to be part of this service are asked to come dressed in their school uniform and assemble at the front gates of the school at 8.15am, to be ready to begin marching at 8.30am.

Our School Captains, Zoe Pilmore and Scott Polycarpou will be laying a wreath on behalf of the DMSC community at this service.

We hope to see many DMSC students taking the opportunity to march as part of ANZAC Day this year.

Mrs Sally Klinge, Assistant Pricipal
Hilltop News - Wednesday 20th April 2016

2015 Anzac Day and WWI Centenary Commemorations

From the Principal's Report - Tuesday 28th April

Lest We Forget
What an incredible turn out for our ANZAC Day commemorations. All students and staff participated in our school service on Friday afternoon and I was overwhelmed with the number of students who attended the community services on Saturday. School Captain, Mikayla Smith, spoke with genuine passion and empathy at the Saturday service and local war historian, Mr Charles Rees, provided an exceptional insight into some of the local men who served in the ANZAC campaign. Mr Richard Goudie of Hillross - Professional Wealth Management, who made a significant donation towards our ANZAC projects, also attended our school service and participated in our poppy laying ceremony. We thank Mr Goudie for his donation and contribution to our school.

We were thrilled to see so many of our students at the April 25 services, particularly the Dawn Service, at which it was estimated nearly 300 people attended. On a cold, foggy morning, the ceremony was very moving and a most fitting way to remember those that served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you to Dimboola RSL President, Mr Ivan Jones, for his support of our ANZAC projects and also to local historian, Mr Charles Rees for his ongoing support of the school.

A final special thank you to our VCAL students and teachers who ensured that our Memorial School was looking splendid for the services.

Andy King has sent several messages from the Gallipoli peninsula where he has attended two ANZAC services and also visited several significant war sites. He has described his experience as 'amazing'. Andy will write a piece for next week's Hilltop; however a photo of him at the Lone Pine service has been included this week.

ANZAC Services at DMSC for 2015
School Service - April 24th 3.00pm
Dawn Service - April 25th 6.00am
Morning Service - April 25th 8.15am

Revamp of the Memorial Building Garden Beds

The garden beds in front of the memorial building have been the subject of a great deal of work over recent weeks. A group of volunteers from the senior team of the Dimboola Football Club assisted to clear the old bottlebrushes, and replace several sleepers which had deteriorated over the years. The retaining wall was also straightened. VCAL students Anna Moore and Gordon Hughes have led the revamp of this garden, under the guidance of Mrs Kuhnell.

With the assistance of Ted Brown from the Wimmera Native Nursery, the garden beds have now been replanted. A small number of students remained behind after the athletics sports to plant the new plants.

Further work has also taken place around the memorial drive, with the plaques honouring our fallen soldiers being straigtened and centered in a gravel bed. The area around the front gate has also been planted and further landscaping has taken place.

Out with the old...
...and in with the new

Remembering our history...

At our 2014 Remembrance Day assembly our school captains read an address to the students outlining the significance of the war in our history.
Read more about our Remembrance Day Assembly and the address here...

December 2014 marks ninety years since the ceremony to officially open our Memorial Building.
Read more about the history of our Soldiers' Memorial Hall here...

Avenue of Honour

Our Avenue of Honour remembers each Dimboola resident who did not return from war with a tree. The avenue covers World War I, World War II and Korea.

We acknowledge the support of locals and the Dimboola RSL Sub Branch for their work in maintaining the avenue.

A group of trees in the avenue which have been replanted over recent years.
A group of trees in the avenue which have been replanted over recent years.

Year 11 Student to visit Gallipoli for Anzac Centenary

We are proud to announce that VCE student Andrew King has been selected as a part of a group of 80 secondary students from across Victoria to represent the state at the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Gallipoli next year. More information will be posted here in the lead up to Andrew's journey to Gallipoli.

Andrew King, Year 12 2015
Andrew King, Year 12 2015


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